The village of On’dai was the site of a massacre of 30-50 Yomma who were under the effects of a plague from Ra’a Una in the year 920 (AY 6.4543). His followers believed that they would be punished for their disobedience for having non-followers in their midst, so they slaughtered the plague-ridden while the shamans were away. The Shamans, including Raya Maya, Raya Audri and Raya Midyan had previously come to help, but left for the night to find refuge in the nearby monastery.

The bones were interred in a special crypt after Raya Maya destroyed Ra’a Una. It is called “the plague crypt,” and is a 20x20 foot chamber sealed under a boulder taken from the Black Mountain. The boulder was the one that Ra’a Una had fallen onto when he initially fell from the mountain and turned into a mummy, and now its power prevents the undead from wreaking vengeance upon the village for their untimely deaths. The boulder sits in the middle of a small park where the building once stood that housed the plagued. Around the stone there are lines carved into the mountain and filled with salt as an aditional precaution against the undead. The garden is called “the sanctuary of the damned” and is subject to a constant vigil by the families that participated in the massacre, wary that its disturbance might lead to their demise.