Ra'a Una was born as Oura [where] in 687. He was identified by his parents and other villagers as a magic user early on, but their village was not visited by a shaman until he was over 100 years old. By this time, Raya Midyan recognized his love of magic and his talents for manipulating life force to the benefit of those around him, and took him on as a student.

Oura did not stay with Midyan long. As soon as they arrived at a Qecha monastery, Oura was enthralled by the studious academic life and stayed when his master left only a week later. No one knows exactly where he learned over the course of his education, as he tended to slip in and out of monasteries quietly. He stayed in isolation in the monastery of Karnash for three years and in Kraffakaf for six months in the mid-800s before he discovered a sacred symbol that would protect people from everyday illnesses such as cholera and gout. He then left Kraffakaf and began handing out his symbols in every village he could find.

It was not until many years later that it was discovered that these symbols would prevent the dead from resting. Anyone who died wearing such a symbol and continued to wear it in death would become undead. Most of the amulets were relatively harmless, with body parts roaming around until they accidentally knocked their rings, bracelets or clothing off, then falling into death, but there were many reported cases of powerful symbols waking entire bodies that roam crypts. It was Raya Maya who first discovered the cause of this undeath, and a concerted effort was soon made to contraband and destroy as many of the items as could be found, though some were retained for research or to continue to be used on the living.

After a life of research trying to find ways to extend and improve life, Oura established a hermitage on the Dark Mount, struck by the idea that he could somehow use his symbol to prevent death all together. He died soon after, however, falling from the mountain to the rocks below.

Several years later, a pair of woodsmen found the body of Oura mummified under the cliff. They knew about his hermitage, and took his body back up to the top where they attempted to entomb him. Instead, his power was rekindled and he threw the two men off the cliff. He found his power fading over time, and eventually went to On'dai to demand a child to sacrifice annually, where he became known as "Ra'a Una."