Among Manisellarian Elves, the designation "Raya" (or "Ra'a" among the Qecha) identifies a religious hermit or sage, and is generally highly revered. Among the Qecha in particular, "Ra'a" is a designation reserved only for the heads of monasteries, outstanding clerics and magic users, or the deceased whose bodies have naturally mummified. Yomma sometimes regard the Qecha in general as "Rayat," because they live in monasteries and practice magic. The tradition is linked to High Elf reverence for hermitage, something not shared by their Wood Elf cousins.

History/Etymology Edit

The Term descends from the True Elvish root "Ra'd" indicating direction toward the moon. It has cognates in Wood Elvish "Aryad" meaning "month," and "Rayid," a type of evil spirit bound to fey light or lunar light (will-o-wisps). The word was used to describe hermits both for its connotations of moon-orientation (they tended to study the movements of the stars), its associations with evil spirits (their magical powers were derived from strange sources) and its sense of reverence. Later it lost its associations with the evil spirits, as they did not exist on the mountaintops, and came to signify only hermits and travelling shamans.

Notable Rayat/Ra'at:

Ra'a Una

Raya Maya

Raya Audri

Raya Median

Ra'a Syldr