Hernan is a sentient magic item created by the Qecha Drommon for Raya Maya to fight Ra’a Una. It was originally a long bronze wand, but it demanded that Drommon add a stone mace to its top so that it could “more easily have at its foes.”

5E stats:

It is now a light mace that allows a cleric to cast remove curse once per day when they get a critical hit vrs undead (or when they hit undead created by Ra’a Una).

Hernan can see and hear out to 120 feet, and can sense undead created by Ra’a Una up to 120 feet as well. He is chaotic good, and seeks to destroy undead at all times, and if it is refused from goodly combat of its foes it will attempt to take over its weilder to make battle. Hernan is always ready to fight, granting its weilder +2 initiative.

Hernan has Int: 11, Wis: 12, Cha: 8